Drainage and flood risk

A small working group has also been formed by the Parish Council to promote and monitor action from the various agencies involved, WCC, WDC, STW, EA, first meeting shortly. We will update residents on progress and actions as appropriate.

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  1. Hi, I live in Willow Sheets Meadow (18) and am having serious trouble with water flooding into my garden.
    Water pours like a river down from the fields behind my house and into my patio. The drain is struggling to take the water away. Leaves are swept from surrounding gardens and the field behind, blocking my storm drain. This means during heavy rain, water pours like a river, floods and is inches away from entering my house. I have videos.
    The water gets to a depth of 6 inches if not more. I have to wade out and clear leaves repeatedly. At least every 2 hours during the day and night. It is causing sleep deprivation as well causing interruption to my working day.
    The HS2 work is a field away from my house, as is house building in the area.
    I mention this as where it has happened maybe once a year, it has increased and is flooding during most rain downfalls, many times in the last few months. I have highlighted this to Sir Jeremy Hunt (MP) who has taken this to HS2. They have denied any responsibility but have passed comment on Cubbington drains being poor, as well as housing development.
    Whatever the cause it has become a very painful problem and I would ask for it to be investigated please.
    Kind regards
    Sarah Huckvale

    1. Dear Sarah,

      I’m sorry to hear that you are having these difficulties with flooding.
      Unfortunately, the Parish Council has no responsibility for drainage and I can only point you towards our guidance note on the Parish Council website.

      Guidance-notes-flood-prevention-reporting-v5-Oct-23.pptx (

      From your description, it is unclear if your neighbours are experiencing similar problems, that might indicate a wider problem with drainage or sewers?
      Severn Trent Water have undertaken surveys and CCTV of the sewers in / around Church Lane in recent months and found no issues, it might be worth calling them to confirm that no blockages exist in or around your property. Leaves constantly blocking your drains might be a conversation that you need to have with your neighbours?

      Assuming that your private drains are not partially blocked, your flooding issue appears to be due to the large amount of surface water runoff from the adjoining fields during heavy rain.
      Are there any ditches or culverts that need maintenance at the field boundary, etc? Do you have any information on the local landowner and contact them to check all is well with the field drainage.

      I’m sorry I cannot be of more help but suggest a process of elimination of the likely causes.

      Kind Regards

      Cllr Paul Watkins

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